This article is intended to be a reference list of papers or books I've read, and anything notable about them.

If you're reading this, then it's probably quite short. Hopefully, I'll keep adding to it as I read more.


  • Schulze, Kay G. and Frances Grodzinsky. "Teaching Ethical Issues in Computer Science: What Worked and What Didn't." ACMSIGCSE Bulletin 28.1 (1996): 98-101.

I think this was an interesting summary of issues teaching Ethics in CS courses. I feel like it addressed the major styles of teaching that could be used, and it was one of those papers where mostly its "obvious"... but it does an excellent job summarizing.

Two highlights from this paper:

  1. It made me consider a way of adding Ethics into the course I teach, COMP1511, by asking a question that has ethical implications, but doesn't make anyone think about it.
  2. There's a paragraph in the paper that I found... intruiging? The choice of pronoun was certainly not lost on me.
  3. The bright, articulate student who dominates the discussion and intimidates the rest of the class can cause another problem. This can be difficult to handle, but one can simply articulate other positions or elicit positions from the rest of the students. When a student makes an absolutely outrageous statement, a very effective way to handle it is to pause, and then ask the student to either rescind his statement or defend it by giving reasons. If it is truly outrageous, he generally can’t defend it.

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