In COMP1511, we tailor a great many resources for students, however there are limits to our ability to create content for revision (since much of it becomes exam material or labwork).

On the internet, you will find great sites that allow you to practice coding, with many more questions than COMP1511 could ever envision.

This is a guide to finding, and using those websites. You should note however, that they are not controlled or endorsed by UNSW, and we can't guarantee that any of the exercises have been designed according to the COMP1511 style guide and format, or that they only use COMP1511 knowledge.

Before you use any of these websites, ensure that you have:

  • Completed all relevant lab exercises and tests (especially the Week 10 exercises); and recompleted any you're not sure about.
  • Gone back over the tutorials, completing any problems you aren't sure how to complete; and answering all the questions
  • Looked over the lecture slides and lecture code.

There are three sites I can personally recommend for extra practice, though I know there are many others:


I personally began coding on CodeKata, and while it's the least known of these three, I think it's best designed for beginners to use.

To start, go to their website, and click "Sign Up". You will be asked to fix a very easy bug, and then to enter your details.

Once you have signed up, you should be able to use this link. This will show you a long list of programming problems, filtered so only problems that their website has approved appear. It also filters the questions to only those between 8 and 6 kyu (which is their difficulty rating -- 8 being "easiest" and 1 being "hardest), and ensures there is C support for that question.

We recommend you start with 8 kyu questions, and apply filters to find those questions that represent the area you want to practice.


Hackerrank is an industry standard website, and many companies run their interviews by giving challenges on it.

You may find it harder to find a COMP1511 level question on the site.

Sign up by clicking "Sign Up" and entering your details. You can then go to to see problems for the C language. Be careful to focus on content that's taught in COMP1511 -- you may find some questions cover content we don't!


Leetcode is the least suited to COMP1511 in my opinion, but I'll mention it here anyways. It's more a venue for competitive programming; but if you're interested in that, googling should give you lots of info about how the site works!

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