Since we just finished COMP6841, here's some further watching. These are all conference talks about security, or the security mindset. They're also just fun to watch.

link con citation defcon 16 Urban Exploration is breaking into places for fun and interest. This is about that -- it's pretty interesting. defcon 16 [*] Really good talk about Social Engineering. HOPE X [*] Two hour talk from HOPE about elevators. Watch this if you want to find a new interest you never had. defcon 17 Just an interesting story about spam. defcon 17 A talk about password cracking -- I recommended this to someone who did their sec project on passwords. defcon 17 [cw] A talk about getting sued on the internet. defcon 17 [*] A talk by Adam Savage (of Mythbusters fame) defcon 18 [*] A talk about how to secure a building -- a very interesting methodology. defcon 18 [*; cw] A talk by Zoz (of Prototype This fame) about stealing back his computer. An excellent read. defcon 18 Jayson Street is one of my favourite speakers about Social Engineering. defcon 18 [*] How to steal from an ATM - by far one of the most interesting talks at Defcon defcon 19 Another Jayson Street talk about physical security. defcon 19 A talk about trolling -- very funny; not a lot of security value. defcon 19 A talk about tamper evident devices and tampering. Interesting. defcon 20 There's a reason that about half of CSE are interested in planes. Sidenote - if you're ever doing an in person exam you should come stand outside with me and whoever else is running it and we can planespot together :P defcon 20 This is a talk about hacking humans via scams. It's really interesting. defcon 20 How to use scripting to get cars and beat the mafia. defcon 21 [cw] Story about forensics and how people are terrible about hiding stuff in their computers. defcon 21 A story about how SIM cards actually work and how to build a network. defcon 21 A story about HTTP status codes and why they're cool. The research itself might not be too relevant anymore but the process is. defcon 22 Home Alone but with security. defcon 22 A study in how other people got caught for stuff. defcon 22 Dan Kaminsky is a very engaging security professional. This is just an interesting talk though it's long... defcon 23 Another Kaminsky talk. Also very interesting. defcon 23 How to hack drones. defcon 19 [*] How to destroy a hard drive. Extraordinarily funny. defcon 23 Zoz giving a talk all about how to destroy hard drives. A followup to the above talk. defcon 23 How to kill someone (kind of legally) - I mentioned this in a lecture I think. defcon 26 How to surveil someone - following them in person; etc. HOPE X A talk about North Korea
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