About Me

Hi! My name is Tom (seen in most places as ~tfpk), and I'm currently a student for a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) at the University of New South Wales. I wear many hats at the university, including:

  • Course Administrator for COMP1511 (Programming Fundamentals), where I organise a course of over 700 students, three times a year;
  • Tutor for COMP1511, where I teach tutorials of around 20 students the basics of C programming;

Formerly, I have been:

  • A competitive debater on the Australasian Debating Circuit;
  • The tab director for debating competitions, including Easters 2019 (the Australian national competition)
  • Secretary, then President of the Australian Debating Council
  • 3rd Year CSE Student Representative, where I meet with the School's leadership to promote student causes and improve teaching;
  • Grievance Officer for CSESoc, as part of the CSESoc Executive, managing concerns within the society and helping organise the over 200 volunteers.
  • A Developer at Kinesis Australia
  • A member of the Children's Chorus at Opera Australia
  • A Media Assistant at JB Hi-Fi.

Contact Details

Thomas Kunc


University of New South Wales

Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) 2018 - Present

Student for a BSci in CS, with a particular interest in teaching Computer Science.

Sydney Grammar School

HSC 2012-2017


University of New South Wales

Casual Academic June 2018 - Present

Get In Touch!

You can get in touch with me via my email: tom@tfpk.dev.